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Jack Henry

My work focuses on the tension between nature and industry in the modern landscape and our connection to it. Through the use of found objects, plants and traditional sculpture mediums, I make artwork that evokes a sense of inner conflict, prompting viewers to confront their own relationship with the environment, compelling them to reconcile the tension between their environmental values and the pervasive consumerism inherent in modern society.

Ultimately, I want my work to stimulate contemplation, foster awareness, and inspire a collective dialogue about the intricate dance between progress, consumerism, and our shared responsibility to safeguard the planet we inhabit.


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Jack Henry is from Flint, Michigan and lives and works in Brooklyn. Henry's work is a critique on the post-industrial landscape in his hometown. He focuses on found objects, abandoned buildings, and remnants of industry to reference our global climate emergency. Henry received his MFA from University of Maryland in 2010 and has exhibited his work nationally including shows at Wasserman Projects, Detroit; BravinLee Programs, NYC; The Torrance Art Museum, CA; Beverly's NYC; Black & White Gallery, Brooklyn/Southampton. Henry has received fellow-ships from several institutions including the Banff Centre, Canada; Sculpture Space, NY; The ArteFITS Foundation, Puerto Rico and the Vermont Studio Center, VT.

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