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  Opening Friday August 11th 6-9pm

Christine Mckee writes:

Our artist group has met weekly over the past year, for critique, instruction, and encouragement under the tutelage of mentor, Allison Renshaw. It has been a time of exploration, as well as an exchange of ideas and support. We invite you to view a sampling of our work, rich with each of our experiences, and approaches to art making.


Carla Goldberg:  In my life, verbal expression has always been terribly important. Yet, there is no question in my mind that there are other forms that reach deeply into my experiential world that can only be informed through art.


Kathleen Graham: My vision is to convey a sense of place and time through my paintings. Nostalgia in a variety of mediums. Using references from my plein aire oil sketches and old family photographs and recipes, my latest works were created in acrylic and paper collage.


Christine McKee: The thread that runs through my work deals with connections, from the smallest cell to the expanse of the universe. I employ a combination of geometric shapes and line work to convey a sense of movement and energy.


Deborah Myers: My work is intuitive and gestural with a focus on line, shape and color. Inspiration is often found in music, dance and travel.

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