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Group Show: Nov 4th - Dec 2nd

Yi Chen
Muchen Zhang
Shima Shanti
Richard Lee

Michael Maas



Yi Chen is the recipient of numerous top international awards in recognition for his spatial art installations and design concepts, which have been exhibited extensively around the world.  Formally trained in classic Chinese Painting with a bachelor's degree in the subject from the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, Yi Chen later became interested in installation art after a year abroad in Japan.


Muchen Zhang has staged numerous art and spatial installation exhibitions around the world, including many in China, Japan, Italy and Canada, and she she been the recipient of many international awards for her creations in spatial art and conceptual art.  Muchen Zhang graduated with a Master's Degree in Chinese painting from China's Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1998.  She was heavily influenced by her exposure to spatial art in Japan during her year of studying abroad through an exchange program arranged by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.



Shima Shanti is a San Diego area beeswax and fire painter in the ancient art form of encaustic.  The flow and fusion of molten beeswax in her abstract impressionistic paintings convey the mystical harmony and infinite beauty of our natural world.


Richard Lee is a contemporary artist who immigrated to the United States in 2015 with his family and currently lives and works in Los Angelas.  He once established his own studio in Beijing's 798 Art District and Hei qiao Art District, dedicating himself to the exploration and innovation of his work, constantly exploring the use of various mater and techniques.


Michael Maas became a full-time artist in 1996 after having been, among other things, a bicycle racer in France, a meat-cutter in Illinois, and a life insurance salesman in Newport Beach, California.  Primarily self-taught, his skillfully painted pieces are in collections in Australia, Canada, England, France, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, and throughout the United States.

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