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Curated by Chuck Thomas

  Opening May 20th

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Curated by Chuck Thomas

May 20th - September 16th

1609 Ord Way, Oceanside, CA 92056

Hours:  Wednesday - Friday 1-7pm

Saturday 1-6pm

We will be open by appointment only until Friday September 15th


Broken Mirror

  Opening May 20th, “Broken Mirror”.  The title refers to the differences in how an artist understands our shared reality, how they can fracture reality and reassemble the myriad pieces into a work of art.  Each artist in this show explores the dynamics of how they react and view the world around them, weather it is initiated through nature, observation, historical events, empirical thoughts or daydreams.


  Using the living and organic world around us the works unfold like dioramas. We can imagine Ancient Greek or Roman archeological excavations of a beautiful villa. We are digging through layers to uncover history one layer at a time. These layers show us the magnificent importance of the natural world around us.


  Like ancient Neolithic totems, we find these objects immersed with power. We ask ourselves to make sense of their meaning and importance. Why do these mysterious objects speak to us and what do they represent? Once again, they harken back to ancient civilizations where we must decipher the code that the original artist developed.


  We all love a great mystery, especially ones like UFO’s, Lock Ness Monster, Sasquatch, Dracula, and Big Foot. Mysteries that we all know about and yet can never prove are endlessly tantalizing. In today’s world, disinformation it more powerful and dangerous than ever. Social Media has shown us how political leaders can manipulate the general public. We all want to believe the impossible, especially if the truth doesn’t fit into our would view.


               Julie Goldstein

                  Bryan De Roo

                  Sarah Bereza

                       Josh Dov

                  Annalise Neil

      William Feeney and Rozko Garabatos

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