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Group show: Christine McKee,
Ginger Lou and Kerry Campbell

Chris McKee



Christine McKee creates work that conveys a sense of movement and energy connecting us on a deeper level, from the smallest cell, to the grandeur of the universe.  All of our experiences, dreams, fears and aspirations are suspended in the comparatively minuscule space that we occupy.  At the same time, however, we are connected to the other organisms in the vast oneness that is the ecosystem of our planet.

Recently her emphasis has shifted to include the dimension of time, examining how time appearsrs to slow down and speed up as we go along life's journey, often times depending on the stage of our lives and the layer of our experiences




Ginger Lou works in mixed media hand cut collage, a method to express conscious and unconscious thoughts in an intuitive manner.  Her intent is to draw the veiwer in with the complexities of the stories she tells, always noticing a fresh detail or meaning that went unnoticed during the previous viewing.  Greatly inspired by natural beauty, she create art using vintage and present-day images from books, magazines, paint found objects, etc.


Kerry Campbell explores the inter-relationship between abstract form and shape, how forms speak to other forms, how they intertwine and engage, and how you cannot have one without the other.  She is an established American painter whose artwork adorns homes and businesses throughout the United States and Europe.  She first expressed herself artistically as a poet, before her words turned into visual art.  Today, her practice is a combination of the two.

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