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APRIL 27TH, 2024

Curated by Chuck Thomas

TECHNE is proud to present "Afterburner", a group show curated by Chuck Thomas featuring artists Jon Elliott, Jack Henry, Robin Kang, Dave Kinsey, Jason Clay Lewis, John Oliver Lewis, Mônica Lóss, Jessica McCambly, Tim Murdoch, Sasha Koozel Reibstein, and Allison Renshaw. Like early test pilots testing the sound barrier of Mach 1, artists are constantly pushing into the unknown.  

Afterburner features artists that are pushing the limits of traditional and non-traditional materials in completely unexpected ways. The resulting transformations create surfaces where magic and science collide into whimsical and dazzlingly beautiful dioramas of seductively controlled chaos. 

In the studio, when you are at that place when it’s all coming apart is often when inspiration finally comes like a shock wave. We are all searching for that moment of recognition where all the noise fades away and you break that barrier.

The exhibition examines the intellectual, philosophical, and scientific explorations that   blur the boundaries between painting, installation, and sculpture. The primary focus of the show is the definition of art and the nature of these boundaries. In essence, the show advocates for an inclusive perspective that expands the limits of art, highlighting its boldest expressive virtues. The show delves into various limits, including those related to our senses and different perceptual modalities, the vagueness and fuzzy edges between different types of materials, and the level of human intention verses intervention in the artistic creative process.

Contrary to popular belief, the process of creating art is not solely about freedom and boundless choices. Defining the parameters of artistic practice requires more time than simply making hasty decisions. 

In today's era, the internet and print media grant us access to the entire history of art, along with a vast amount of contemporary artwork. It can be overwhelming being influenced by the multitude of images that rapidly pass by as we scroll through social media.

It may appear contradictory that an artists abilities flourishes from the very constraints they impose on themselves. The answer lies in the fact that by restricting subjects, colors, brushwork, and composition each of the artists in the show are able to create a unique vision and more authentic voice for their distinctive styles.

- Jason Clay Lewis

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