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Curated by Jason Clay Lewis and Chuck Thomas

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Curated by Jason Clay Lewis & Chuck Thomas

1609 Ord Way, Oceanside, CA 92056
Exhibition Dates:  Oct. 28th-Jan. 20th, 2024

Final week!!!

Wednesday Jan. 17th 1-6pm

Thursday Jan. 18th 1-6pm

Friday Jan. 19th 1-6pm

Saturday Jan. 20th 1-6pm


Artist talk videos 


  Boundaries Edge is a conceptual exploration about pushing the limits of traditional landscape.  A boundaries edge is the limit, the upper or external restriction or the end of the line.  In today's rapidly evolving art world, a fascinating fusion of traditional methods have emerged.  With this exhibition, we embark on a visual journey celebrating the intersection between art and form.  By reducing subject matter to its essentials, the artist in the exhibition elicit a wide range of responses to what is landscape. ​


One of the fascinating things about landscape is its openness to interpretation.  Rather than dictating a single narrative, landscape allows the viewer to engage in a personal dialogue with the work, projecting their feeling and experiences onto the canvas.


Expressing emotion through landscape serves as a visual language to convey thought beyond words.  Through the interplay of color, texture and shape, each artists conveys a range of emotions, from joy and serenity to chaos and introspection.  The expressive power of landscape lies in its ability to evoke visceral responses in tune with the viewer's own emotional awareness. ​


Landscape has an inarguable appeal that transcends the boundaries of traditional representation.  It's capability to provoke feelings, spark imagination, and foster particular interpretation allows us to embrace the beauty, complexity, and transformative power.

Exhibition Dates:  Oct. 28th-Jan. 20th, 2024



Rebecca Webb

Jennifer Anne Bennett

Jay Bell

Melanie Taylor

Catherine Ruane

Adam Belt

Mike Cockrill

Judith Braun

Riccarda de Eccher

Amelia Biewald

Kathleen Vance

Trish Tillman

Greg Hopkins

Jean-Marc Superville Sovak

Kevin O'hara

Mark Lewis

Jeph Gurecka

Adriene Hughes

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